New cycle compass device makes urban cycling easier and safer

Every cyclist knows the troubles of navigating while riding a bike. Either you have to use google maps, stopping every few hundred meters to check the way or listen to an annoying voice in your ear telling you where to go.

Onomo is launching the kickstarter campaign to fund the first production run. The kickstarter page can be found here:

With HAIZE cyclists have an easy, intuitive and safe way to navigate the city that even opens up for discovering new paths and hidden gems in the city. The user sets her or his destination in the HAIZE companion app and clicks go. Once the destination is set, the phone stays in the pocket and HAIZE, mounted to the handlebar, does the navigation by pointing towards the target as well as indicating the distance left.

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HAIZE has been in development for over a year and onomo co-founder and lead developer on the project Javier Soto Morras says: “I am really proud to be able to share HAIZE with the world today. We have spent the last year iterating on both the device and the companion app and are really happy that we have a fully working prototype today and are now ready to bring the project to kickstarter and cyclists everywhere!”

HAIZE will be available for kickstarter backers at the price of £65 making it an affordable must have device for every cyclist. Everybody who is interested in the project can follow the process and pre-order at an early bird rate on



Javier Soto Morras: “We set out to develop a navigation device for cyclists that is both simple, beautiful and intuitive to use. All of the onomo team being active cyclists ourselves, this is really a passion project to solve a personal problem as much as solving a problem for all cyclist everywhere.”

We have focused the design on creating a minimalist and high quality product using premium materials like aluminium, completely getting rid of plastic. We also stripped down the display to the minimum, providing the essential information without the need of a screen, achieving a sleek, durable and stylish design.


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