Starbreeze and Acer to bring the StarVR Headset

Perhaps Next@Acer was a little to early to talk about it and the AcerLiveBlog2016 was a little to informal however Acer has now announced a partnership with Starbreeze, a game development studio, to bring everyone StarVR. A headset featuring two 5.5-inch Quad HD screens, a 210-degree field of view and unique position tracking with IMU with Optical sensor fusion for a low-latency experience.

Pricing and availability is anyone’s guess right now as Acer seem to be pushing away from being a budget brand of late. Perhaps the idea is to under cut Occulus and Vive a little, but enough to give customers another option. Acer’s dedication to gaming this year has to be commended with they Predator brand being expanded and developed into a serious contender.


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