Lenovo VR Headset dated

Windows users will soon be seeing a wave of affordable 3rd party Windows Mixed Reality headsets arrive over the over the next year, powered by the Windows 10 Creators Update. Mixed Reality is the next big thing, creating a new world within the realms of your own world and items, both digital and real can coexist.

One of the companies set to ship such a device is Lenovo, who showed off their headset at CES. The device is tethered and is lighter than most at around 350g. It features two 1440 x 1440 OLED display panels, delivering a higher resolution to each eye that the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, and offers 6 degree inside-out tracking meaning users are fully tracked in space without any external tracking devices or camera, much like the Microsoft HoloLens. It also features two front-mounted cameras which enable augmented reality applications even without direct external vision.

The headset does not come with any motion controllers but will be compatible with other Windows Holographic peripherals.  It will also work with Windows Store apps and some HoloLens software. Until today we did not know when to expect the headset, but speaking to Twice.com Mike Abary,  VP of Lenovo’s North America consumer business revealed the device will hit the market in time for back-to-school season, ie. the tail end of summer and before mid-August this year.

Abary has confirmed that the headset should be priced lower than the Oculus Rift, currently on sale for $499. Earlier reports have speculated the device between $300 to $400, which would be groundbreaking for such a highly specified device.

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