Biisafe buddy Unboxing

What amounts to a smart keyring is the Biisafe Buddy. This little £29.99 device as a little piece of mind you some of your precious possessions. Attach the Buddy to your belongings, for example your keys, bags, wallets and track them via the BiiSafe Buddy app on your smartphone or tablet.

Mislaid your keys? Then open the app, hit the button and provided they are in range you will here the chime. similarly, if you have misplaced you phone you can use the Biisafe to trigger a ringtone to help locate it.

  • Keep track of your belongings
  • Locate your lost phone
  • Up to 50 metres operating range
  • Share your location with friends and family
  • Small, discrete and stylish
  • Energy efficient
  • Up to 6 month battery life
  • iOS and Android compatible

Here we have a look at the simple setup. You can purchase Mobilefun

2 thoughts on “Biisafe buddy Unboxing

  1. Hi Gareth: The key issue is range. Do you need to be within bluetooth range (10-15m away) or is it GPS location, so you can locate an item many miles away. BTW it was entirely clear you were holding a battery wrench. I don’t understand why you couldn’t see that.
    The makers site itself is useless! It has no significant or helpful information. They may have a wonderful product; but they sell it like junk jewellery for idiots. That marketing team shuld be sacked today.
    Gareth – go and look at any TECHMOAN video on YouTube. That bloke can review equipment.

  2. The battery cover wrench fits into 4 holes around the battery cover. Hold the BIISAFE in one hand, then turn and release the battery cover using the wrench, to remove and replace the battery.

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