Here comes another one! Britbox is a subscription streaming channel for UK TV

Netflix has played home to a huge library of classic British TV shows for a decent amount of time. However, this looks to be changing with the introduction of a new UK based subscription streaming channel created by the BBC and ITV.

Britbox appears to have launched on the 7th of November and aims to have the largest collection of British TV content ever assembled on a single website.

“The vast majority of British shows will no longer be on Netflix within the next year,” ITV group communications and corporate affairs director Paul Moore said.

Moore explained that most BBC and ITV shows are normally licensed to Netflix and Amazon on a 12-month rolling contract. These shows will move to BritBox once those contracts have expired. Touting that The Office is “coming home.” Popular co-productions such as Bodyguard will continue to reside on other streaming platforms.

The idea is fairly solid if feeling a little too much like the Brexit of TV streaming. However, the idea of yet another streaming channel opening up is a sickening thought. If you were paying for Netflix and Amazon and enjoyed watching these British shows on them, you will now have to pay £5.99 a month to continue. Let’s not forget that Disney his scraping up most of their licenses to dump into Disney+ that will launch in the UK next March.

To pour salt in the wound, BritBox already exists in North America, where it is used by more than 500,000 subscribers costing $6.99 (£5.47.)

*Update – A little update for those who are interested in Doctor Who. 100’s of episodes are currently available in the United states and are due to arrive in the UK on Boxing day. There is no indication if this will be complete, including everything released, obviously lost episodes will remain lost, but it will be interesting to see how complete it is as I have always been interested in tackling the show.

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