Keep your home safe this Autumn with D-Link’s Omna Camera

As the summer holidays are almost over, increases in wind, rain and cold are not the only things on our mind, because with the cover of darkness it’s not surprising that the number of burglaries in the UK increases substantially. The last thing people want to worry about this Autumn is whether or not their home is secure.  With a number of burglaries reported in March 2017 being up by 3% compared to March 2016, it is evident that keeping your home monitored and safe is more crucial than ever. D-Link is giving home owners and your reader’s peace of mind this autumn, with its most innovative product in the field of home monitoring: The iOS enabled D-Link Omna 180 HD Camera.

D-Link’s Omna camera has received outstanding reviews across the board since its launch earlier this year. Thanks to continuous development and updates to the app it is now even more impressive.

The Omna combines D-Link’s market leading IP surveillance technology with the user-friendly accessibility of Apple HomeKit, which enables users to access the Omna directly from their iOS device, via the Omna app with no additional hardware required. What’s more, the motion detection feature means users receive a notification the moment movement is detected, making them alert instantaneously. The Omna also has an array of advanced security features with end-to-end encryption, and authentication between the camera and iOS device, making it the perfect choice for your readers to keep their home safe this autumn. The Omna retails for £149.95 (inc VAT) and is available at

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