Samsung to drop Android for Tizen?

There has been talk of this for a long time, however it would seem Samsung is aiming to use its own ecosystem rather than Google’s. Android has been a staple of Samsung’s phone since they abandoned Windows Mobile with the Samsung Galaxy in 2009 and has seen nothing but success. However, Samsung have always taken Android and heavily renovated the operating system to encompass much more. Samsung are not simply huffing with Google or making a spur of the moment decision. Tizen has proved to be pretty popular, over 64 million devices running Tizen have been sold in India in Q1 2016.

Time has proved that there is space for a few top selling operating systems and whilst Windows 10 is gaining a little traction, it isn’t setting the world alight. Blackberry have recently switched to Android without taking too much market. Other operating systems have struggled with take up too e.g. Firefox OS3. Samsung produces a massive amount of devices over a year so if anyone was to launch a successful operating system, it would be Samsung. While there’s no official confirmation or a planned date when the this is to happen, we may losing Android-based Samsung phones sometime in the future. There will be an overlap period so I am sure the Galaxy name wouldn’t be disappearing anytime soon.


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