HTC may pop out the flagship ‘U’ on May 16th

Every year we hope for the best from HTC and them usually just miss the mark with something a little too wacky. Aside from the HTC 10 the last few flagships have been less that we had wanted from the pioneering company, however we still hold our breath. After the awkward HTC U series, HTC is back with a little teaser that May 16th is going to be the date we see something new… What we know of is the device has previously been known as the HTC Ocean and has likely been retitled to HTC U. Does it not seem like a good idea to put  little distance between their new Flagship and the poorly received HTC U Ultra.

So far HTC has revealed so far is a 5-second video attached to this tweet.

Playing a tagline, “Squeeze for the Brilliant U,” it’s safe to assume this is the rumoured pressure-sensitive frame. You can squeeze the phone to trigger various actions. So let the speculation begin, prepare the puns and come on HTC, the pressure is on…

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