The Mio Cyclo range: the perfect bike navigation system with full European mapping for road cyclists

Whether it’s cycling through small villages in rural France, taking in the sights of Amsterdam or riding through the Swiss Alps, the Cyclo 400, 405HC and 605HC put the whole of Europe at a rider’s fingertips. With full European maps updated for the lifetime of the device, the recommended routes can be used for many years to come.

The Cyclo 400, 405HC and 605HC make discovering new places easy. Cyclists simply have to enter their desired destination and Cyclo will do the rest. A track can be downloaded or routes can be plotted beforehand if the rider knows the lay of the land. The device is ready straight out of the box and can be set up in minutes, giving users more time to focus on what they enjoy – cycling.

The Cyclo 400, 405HC and 605HC all feature a four inch, flat, anti-glare touch screen for crystal clear reading of maps, directions and stats whilst riding and the user interface has been made even more intuitive with large on-screen digits and simple menu structure.

The Cyclo range also features a unique ‘Surprise-Me™’ feature, giving cyclists three separate routes to choose from based on time, distance or destination; the perfect way to explore a new location. The new lap function allows cyclists to challenge themselves and improve their performance on a ride. They can do this by selecting the route as ‘different’ or setting distance intervals which are easily controlled using one of the three hard buttons on the device, allowing for quick recording. The Cyclo devices connect to MioShare and directly syncs rides with Strava™, allowing cyclists to analyse their performance and share with others.

Cyclo 405 HC and 605HC

The Cyclo 405HC and 605HC also come with integrated ANT+ sensor, ANT+ heart rate monitor and speed and cadence sensors for cyclists who wish to monitor and track their performance. The

ANT+ (FE-C) sensors connect to compatible trainers and let users adjust and control the desired track resistance. All the stats will be recorded on the device and can be analysed after a ride.

The Cyclo 605HC ANT+ speed and cadence sensors are magnet-less (far right on picture below) meaning they are simple to fit by attaching to the hub of the wheel and around the crank arm.

Both the Cyclo 405HC and 605HC connect with Shimano Di2 electronic bicycle shifting, reading and recording shift information from the Shimano Di2 electronic shifting units. The devices also connect with the Shimano Di2 remote control for switching dashboard pages and start/stop recording.

The Cyclo 405Hc and 605HC also show incoming calls or message notifications as well as on screen group messages from social apps (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook) via built-in Bluetooth™ smartphone connectivity.

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