Vi. The First True Artificial Intelligence Personal Trainer

Headphones for fitness can be a tricky purchase. Especially for runners, they rarely get it right the first time. Wires get in the way, button functions might not work the way you expected, charging can be cumbersome, the list goes on.

A new Kickstarter, the Vi, seems to have taken the time to examine what a runner needs from their headphones, and it isn’t just about comfort, sound quality and getting you music into your ears. Focus is the most important aspect, retaining your focus on your performance.




The Vi features a textured, non-slip design. Flexible and foldable magnetic storage mechanisms , touch-sensitive operation, and are sweatproof. Most interestingly is the AI engine inbuilt. Described as “an evolving personal trainer who lives in bio-sensing earphones” this addition might raise an eyebrow, possibly some warning bells, however the voice is designed to keep your focus, adding encouragement and update you of real-time insights, and feedback on your performance. The coaching side can be tailored to the sort of encouragement you want and will help you meet your goals.

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