An updated Nexus Player coming soon?

Hard to believe however almost 18 months ago Google and Asus launched the first Android TV devices in late 2014. After a year and a half on the market, the Nexus Player was quietly removed from the Play Store and is now no longer available for purchase. Folks feared the worst, however a couple of companies like Xiaomi have devices compatible with Android TV on the way.

Thankfully it looks like the Nexus Player might not be dead after all. It might just be due for a hardware refresh. The Nexus Player received FCC certification when it first launched in 2014. However, Asus recently filed new documents to the FCC suggesting that a new model with minor changes could be coming.

The new model has the same FCC ID number, which means it probably won’t be dramatically different than the original. But here are some of the things Asus says are different (and which require FCC approval):

  • Modified WiFi antenna layout (with the same type of antenna, but a lower antenna gain than in the original application)
  • Updated system power circuit and layout
  • Updated RF circuit and layout
  • Updated system circuit components, including USB, HDMI, and Power button.

Not all changes require FCC approval so we could see some internal specs change, a faster processor for example.

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