The Beast from ITV’s Hit Game Show The Chase, joins FleetWit – The Pub Quiz On Your Phone

ITV’s Mark Labbett – aka “The Beast” and best known for appearing in the hit game show ‘The Chase’ – joins trivia app, FleetWit, to launch a weekly challenge inviting the public to a game of trivia and win cash prizes.

Named ‘Beat The Beast’ and taking place every Wednesday, everyone will have the chance to go head-to-head in any trivia category they prefer to challenge Mark with the winner earning chasing prizes.

Mark Labbett – aka The Beast – says: So many people see me on TV and say they can beat me. Well here’s your chance to prove it, on a subject of YOUR choice!”

FleetWit, one of the fastest growing skill-based trivia app in the US, recently launched in the UK with a collaboration with Channel 4’s Countdown co-host, Rachel Riley for a weekly challenge. Since the launch, players have been able to challenge Rachel Riley to a race in a particular theme which will continue into August.

Rewarding players for their knowledge, FleetWit provides cash prizes to players testing their skills at trivia questions, puzzles, brain games and much more. Available 24 hours a day, trivia obsessives can log in and compete live against friends, family or other players – in a bid to prove they are the ultimate trivia king or queen.  

Known as “races” within the app, FleetWit players can choose a game type and category ranging from General Trivia, Movies, Literature, History, Geography, Sports, Puzzles, Genius, Food and Drink, Music, Science and TV – testing their skills using intelligence and speed. Races to choose from include one-on-one, live, genius or puzzles.

The app which helps to train players’ brains through its quality-controlled genius questions, brain teasers and puzzles, will allow users to redeem prizes within 30 minutes of winning. Not only that, but, players can build

trivia knowledge and learn new things playing the app.

Other features of the app include receiving instant notifications to alert the user when a chosen live race is about to start, and helpful alerts based on the player’s preferences.

The ultimate pub quiz in an app, FleetWit is the newest smart-gaming app to launch that allows fans to earn money using skill and knowledge. To find out more visit and download the app via the following links:


Android: No Android app yet, anticipating to launch Android app September 2018

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