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Tech Addicts UK Podcast – 29th March 2017 – Galaxy S8, iPhone Red, New iPad

With Gareth Myles and Gavin Fabiani-Laymond

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Think a Powerbank may have put the kibosh on my iPhones battery. It’s draining super quick now. Can literally see the % falling as I’m using it. Any apps that connect to the net just wipes out the battery at the min. I’ve done 2 full cycles to restore battery levels. Going to take a few more to get it back to normal. My wife had other with the battery on her iPhone 6 because she was using the iPad charger. Took a week or so of cycling the battery fully. That’s why I’m always wary of quick charge stuff. Smart charging isn’t that smart!




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1 thought on “Tech Addicts UK Podcast – 29th March 2017 – Galaxy S8, iPhone Red, New iPad

  1. Hi Gareth,

    You might remember I contacted you a while ago about the difficulty we have purchasing power banks from the mainland here in N. Ireland, and you discussed the issue in some depth on the podcast. Just wanted to let you know I came across one product on Amazon which doesn’t have the dreaded red “No delivery for you” warning. Not sure if this is an oversight or if there is some specific reason why this one is not restricted.

    Anyway, it’s a Vinsic 12,000mAh Power Bank with built-in Qi Wireless charging, which just happened to be exactly the specs I was looking for. I managed to successfully order one and have been using it for over a week. It allows charging of three devices at once (two wired and one wireless), and seems very well built. So I can recommend this for any folks in our power bank deprived province: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N6NPDFI

    Thanks again for the podcast and product reviews. Keep up the good work!

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