OnePlus to introduce all-new Type-C Bullets with the launch of next device

OnePlus, the leading premium smartphone maker, today announced that it will be introducing an updated USB-C version of the company’s acclaimed Bullets V2, dubbed the Type-C Bullets. These new earphones are set to be launched alongside the company’s next device, projected for Q4 2018. The Type-C Bullets will be priced the same as the existing Bullets V2, £15.99 in the UK, and will be available across online and offline channels.

The new Type-C Bullets will be based on delivering a superior soundscape and will be a step up from Bullets V2, once again effectively balancing design with utility and versatility to enhance the overall audio experience. The Type-C Bullets will echo the metal design of the OnePlus Bullets V2. Each detail of these earphones is crafted with the unique attention to detail that OnePlus is known for – for example, to make Type-C Bullets easier to use, the company has added aramid fiber to the wire in-order to make the Type-C Bullets more durable and resistant to stretching.

The Type-C Bullets include improved sound quality. Music is heard how it was intended to sound thanks to a built-in high-end, professional DAC by Ciruss Logic. It has a higher dynamic range, higher signal-to-noise ratio and low noise floor. When compared to the 3.5 mm jack that uses analog, Type-C headphones ensures minimal loss of quality for a superior audio outcome.

According to a survey conducted by OnePlus, in early 2017, 80% of users used in-jack headphones regularly, while, in a poll in 2018, that number dropped drastically with 59% of users switching to wireless headsets. OnePlus is again demonstrating its flexibility, offering options for different users by developing Type-C Bullets to complement the already revered Bullets Wireless.

Type-C Bullets include in-line controls, a mic for calls on-the-go, and pair beautifully with OnePlus devices, allowing users to adjust the sound enhancement configuration for a more customized sound.

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