No Phone Day #nophoneday

Notifications and alerts can keep you constantly checking your phone, but at OnePlus we believe your phone should be there when you need it, and not demand your attention. That’s why we’re backing No Phone Day – encouraging people to take part in National Unplugging Day, and take back control of their digital lives. 

From sundown on 1 March, OnePlus social channels will go dark, and our employees around the world will take time to look closer at how they use their smartphone. Whether it’s uninstalling apps, or decluttering home screens, we’re always looking to see how we can make devices fit our lives better.  

Top tips for managing your smartphone usage: 

  • Switch on ‘Reading Mode’ so that your screen is in black and white, reducing the colorful stimulus your brain is bombarded with 
  • Remove heavily used apps from your home screen – even if it’s moving them to a second screen, make it require more conscious action to access them 
  • Switch previews off so you don’t receive snippets of information enticing you into an app every few minutes 
  • Check your usage in apps like YouTube and Instagram 
  • Use the alert slider on your OnePlus, to quickly turn your phone to ‘silent’ without having to unlock your device 

Things you can do instead of looking at your phone: 

  • Something 
  • Anything 
  • Everything 

OnePlus has always had a focus on simplicity and improving your life without a device becoming the focus of your attention. We want to hear from you on how we can continue chasing our goal of providing a burdenless user experience, suggest a feature or improvement here that will help you switch off from your phone. We believe that smartphones can open a window to whole new worlds and change lives for the better, but we all need to take a step back and remember that from time to time.  

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