Mark Watson Shows Us How to Get Smart With Our Energy

Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meters. Using a wireless network, they show customers across the nation how much energy they’re using, helping to put a stop to estimated bills. In a new video, npower has teamed up with comedian Mark Watson to show us the what happens during a Smart meter installation that npower customers get with their new Smart meters.

Keeping Homes Happy

Above anything, Smart meters are there to make your life easier, so we aim to make the installation equally straightforward. The power is switched off for around half an hour while an engineer installs your new Smart meter. As part of the Smart meter installation, our Installer will carry out safety checks on your gas appliances as well as an electrical safety check at the point of supply to make sure everything is running as it should before finally showing you how everything works.

With an overwhelming number of npower customers stating their satisfaction with the service, the npower Smart meter installation survey found that 94% of customers were happy with their installation. On top of their survey, npower also reached out to customers to get their view on their Smart meters, which are detailed below.

Top Testimonials

In the video, Mark Watson and the npower team really bring home how uncomplicated it is to get a Smart meter up and running in your home. Here’s what some npower customers had to say about the long-term perks of having one:

  • Keeping an Eye on Your Energy – Danuta from Yorkshire has had her meter for over a year and says ,“since having my meter my energy bill’s come down” by helping her to watch her usage of appliances, dropping her bills by over 20% per month.
  • Staying in the Know – Thomas from Birmingham uses his meter to engage his children in energy saving behaviours, claiming that “it has made us more aware of our energy use and prompted us to be more efficient”.
  • Smart Setup – Doris from Cambridgeshire was initially concerned about the installation of her Smart meter, however after the installation, said how the “young man that came was fast and efficient. The biggest thing with him is he was very very safe with the gas, every item was checked before he did anything, electricity or gas.”

Safety First

In addition to getting your Smart meter up and running, Smart meter installers check all gas appliances in your home make sure everything is in working order. In 2017, Smart meter installers across the UK, picked up on 270,000 faults in people’s homes, helping the nation to be safer as well as savvy with energy in their homes.

You can watch Mark Watson’s home installation video here and find out more about getting a Smart meter in your home.

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