HTC U11 life with Android One: Premium Innovations Without Putting a Squeeze On Your Wallet

Building on the award-winning design and innovation of the flagship HTC U11, HTC today announced the newest member of the “U” family of smartphones, the HTC U11 life. Like its predecessor, the HTC U11 life is designed to reflect “U” – your drive, passion, creativity, and individuality – yet uniquely delivers flagship-quality features at a fraction of a flagship’s price, including the latest Google software innovations with Android One.


The HTC U11 life gives you the best innovations from the HTC U11 and more:

  • Edge Sense, the next dimension in touch interaction that lets you squeeze HTC U11 life to perform your most common useful actions, including Google Assistant.
  • Amazing cameras, with Phase Detection Autofocus and HDR Boost on the 16MP main camera for faster, clearer photos, and UltraPixel light sensitivity on the 16MP front camera for awesome selfies even in low light. Google Photos is also the default gallery, providing free and unlimited storage of high quality photos and videos.
  • Durable, weather-resistant liquid surface design, incorporating an acrylic glass back that stunningly transforms light with every movement you make – even in rain, snow, or dust with IP67 water and dust resistance1.
  • HTC USonic earbuds in-box, the most personal listening experience on a smartphone that adapts to your ears, in addition to built-in Active Noise Cancellation.
  • Get the latest from Google with Android One – enjoy the newest Android OS update, Android Oreo, right out of the box, bringing you a best-in-class software experience designed by Google.2

The HTC U11 life is available in Brilliant Black and Sapphire Blue for pre-order for £349 on from 2nd Nov in the UK. For more information, please see the following pages or visit


Edge Sense

  • HTC U11 life features the highly acclaimed, ground-breaking technology Edge Sense. With a simple squeeze, you can launch the camera and snap photos, get things done with Google Assistant3, open any app, and much more.
  • Not only can you take photos with Edge Sense, you can also set it to open your favourite app, such as Google Maps or Google Music, and squeeze to utilize almost any feature within that app.
  • You can also squeeze Edge Sense to access Google Assistant. Find a restaurant, check sports scores, and more. No need to say “OK Google” if you don’t want to. Just squeeze and ask your question to get nearly instant results.


HTC USonic

  • With the same experience as the flagship HTC U11, HTC USonic provides automatic Active Noise Cancellation, Hi-Res Audio certified 24-bit sound quality, and the ability to tune audio to your unique hearing.
  • The HTC USonic earbuds map your inner ear with an advanced sonar-like technology and then adapt the sound profile to your unique hearing.
  • HTC USonic incorporates Active Noise Cancellation, which reduces disruptions and distractions around you, so you can stay immersed in your music, videos or games. Active Noise Cancellation works automatically, continuously monitoring environmental sound levels and quickly adjusting to new noises or disturbances.


Amazing cameras

  • HTC U11 life’s 16MP main camera also includes Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) for fast focus speeds with reduced blur, and HDR Boost for more dynamic exposure range.
  • HDR Boost, first introduced on HTC U11, provides all the benefits of HDR without the lag. HDR Boost delivers clearer, more balanced pictures by taking multiple shots that measure the darkest shadows and brightest highlights without slowdown. HTC U11 life also includes 4K video capture and Temporal Noise Reduction technology for smoother, more vivid video.
  • The 16MP front camera combines high-resolution detail and HTC’s UltraPixel light sensitivity for brilliant selfies day or night. It also utilizes the same powerful HDR Boost and noise reduction as the main camera.

Weather-resistant liquid surface design

  • The HTC U11 life’s design is a continuation of our liquid surface design philosophy. HTC U11 life incorporates a highly durable, acrylic glass back surface that is crafted using Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition, a method of layering highly-refractive precious minerals across the phone’s back cover. The result is stunningly vivid colours that transform light with every movement you make.
  • The HTC U11 life incorporates the 3-axis symmetry concept of HTC U11 to give you a phone that is slim no matter which way you hold it. So not only is HTC U11 life beautiful, but it offers a comfortable grip as well.
  • The weather-resistant, IP67-rated design means HTC U11 life will be protected from the elements, so you can snap photos with a simple squeeze even in dust, rain or snow.


A simple, secure, and fresh experience designed by Google

  • The HTC U11 life brings you the best of Android from the start because it’s an Android One phone. Enjoy all the features of Android Oreo™ out of the box, like a secure phone featuring your favourite Google apps such as YouTube, Google Assistant, Maps and more. Plus, the Android One software experience is simple & easy to navigate and customize. Smarter, faster, & more powerful than ever, Oreo optimizes your battery performance so you can do whatever you love, longer.
  • The HTC U11 life is powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 630 Mobile Platform, designed to support the performance you expect from a top-notch mobile processor: crystal clear graphics, high-quality streaming of HD movies, fast wireless speeds, and long-lasting battery life.4
  • Compared to HTC 10, the HTC U11 life gets close to 2 hours more video playback, 20 hours more music playback on the speaker, 14 hours more playback with headphones and close to 2 hours longer web browsing time via Wi-Fi.

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