Every home can get smarter with OVAL 2.0

OVAL Digital, Inc is today pleased to announce the availability on Kickstarter of its next generation smart sensor, OVAL 2.0.  OVAL 2.0 is the all-in-one home smart sensor that monitors and detects changes in motion, temperature, humidity, light and water – quickly sending alerts to a phone or email. OVAL sensors can turn any ordinary object or area into a smart one – instantly protecting the people, places and things people care about.

OVAL 1.0, launched in early 2017 across 32 countries and was so successful at improving the safety and comfort of its customers while also protecting their home and property, that CEO Mike Harry and his global team decided to further refine it and engineered OVAL 2.0, an even smarter sensor.

OVAL can alert users if doors, windows, private or dangerous items are accessed. Or if there is water detected from bad weather, leaking pipes or failing appliances. Monitor the temperature and humidity of an area or items like food, medicine, or plants. Plus, conserve energy and save money on heating and electric bills.

Mike Harry, CEO, OVAL Digital Inc, commented. “No two homes, or people, are alike, and OVAL was created with this in mind. After our initial release, we spent the year speaking to our customers all over the world, learning how they were using OVAL around the home and asking how we could improve our smart sensor to provide even more value to our customers. OVAL 2.0 is the result of both customer feedback and the latest technology available.”

OVAL 2.0 not only has a new look, it’s been completely rebuilt.  OVAL 2.0 can now connect to your favorite smart home products such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Ask Google what the temperature is in the baby’s room, or be notified by Alexa if there’s water in the basement. With IFTTT support, OVAL can connect to hundreds of other devices that provide home automation helping you to create the perfect and unique smart home that actually works FOR you.

OVAL is the ideal choice for both home owners and renters as it doesn’t require home integration or installation, and takes only minutes to set up. OVAL sensors are small, wireless, and can attach to any object or area, making it smarter, instantly. The new OVAL gateway is wireless and connects to a Wi-Fi network. OVAL sensors communicate with the gateway up to 150 ft. To extend coverage even further, additional gateways can be connected. A brand-new firmware system has stepped up both the reliability and response time of the OVAL sensors, as well as increased the lithium coin cell battery life from 2 months to 6 months.

The OVAL app has also been redesigned and includes powerful new features such as a real-time view of the sensors and analytics to help users identify trends, and improve behaviors to help increase safety, conserve energy and save money.

“OVAL has demonstrated it can improve lives, even save them,” says CEO Mike Harry. “In one instance, a customer had installed OVAL in his elderly father’s home. One day, OVAL identified a drop in temperature and alerted our customer immediately. Concerned that his father, who was on blood pressure medication, wasn’t answering his phone, our customer rushed to him, and found his father unresponsive after he’d accidentally lowered the thermostat to a dangerous level. Our customer wrote us explaining that while he knew OVAL would give him peace of mind about his father’s well-being, he never thought it could actually save his life.”

The new OVAL is available for pre-order, starting May 15, 2018, exclusively through Kickstarter

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