Amazon launches Video Direct

Amazon seems to be taking on YouTube as they have recently launched Video Direct. Allowings creators to earn money from ad views, subscriptions, rental or purchases, Video Direct is similar to Youtube howeve it looks to be a very versatile service for content creators.

This new service seems to be Amazon’s way to emulate YouTube’s “Partner” system, where content creators can earn a portion of the revenue generated by their content, whether it be from ads, subscriptions, purchases or rentals, giving content creators a lot of new earning options.

Content creators will be able to choose whether or not their videos will be part of Amazon’s Prime service, which means that that Amazon will be providing video on demand content for free on their service to viewers.

Amazon seems to be ramping up their response to YouTube, deciding to compete with them not just on the Streaming front with Twitch, but also with a competing Video-On-Demand service, which will no doubt encourage both companies to improve their services.

At this time, Amazon Video only reaches the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan, meaning that they will have to open their services to more nations before they can properly compete with the global powerhouse that is YouTube.

You can sign up for a free Amazon Video Account here.

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