Do Samsung plan a Dual camera after the Galaxy S8?

Recent rumours have suggested that the new Galaxy S8 would feature a dual camera, however, leaks from all corners of the net suggest Samsung is not going to be using a dual camera system with the upcoming Galaxy S8. However, that’s not to say they won’t include one on a Galaxy Note 8, should we see one later in the year.

A new patent application filed by Samsung in South Korea has surfaced online today titled “Camera module-including multi-lens and electronic device having the same” seems to suggest that Samsung is interested in making its own dual camera system. It goes into detail about how the module will be thinner and light sensitive possibly making it also better in low light conditions. The patent also mentions that this dual camera system will have the ability to capture 3D photographs and incorporate the dimensions and distances in them.

So, we won’t be seeing a dual camera set up on a Samsung in the immediate future however it’s reassuring to see that Samsung is investigating the potential and with any luck, there might be one before the year is out.

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