Asus Zenbo – A less threatening T-800

Whilst Google add the final tweaks to Google Home Asus appear to be thinking a few years in the future with Asus Zenbo. This home robot can move through you house autonomously, use a camera to recognize faces, dish out reminders, take pictures, let you make video calls, and interact with voice commands.

Whilst it all sounds quite creepy, once you see the video you will agree, Zenbo does look like something movies have been predicting since the 1950’s. Perhaps that is why Asus look to be positioning Zenbo as a system that could be helpful for seniors. The video depicts a, not quite so, elderly gentleman receiving reminders to take medications. In addition Zenobo can recognise if someone has fallen and needs help, and then send a notification to family members’ phones. Just imagine, “Call from Zenbo” “Your mother has fallen down the stairs, would you like to call ambulance or post to Facebook?”

It can tap into smart home products, allowing you to control smart lights, thermostats, locks, and security systems with voice commands. Zenbo will follow you from room to room and which includes a camera and a face.

Asus is launching an SDK and developer program in hopes of helping Zenbo learn to do more things by tapping into third-party software and services.

So watch out for in the future Zenbo, and Asus plans to sell it for $599.


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