Whats New in Apple iOS 10?

Apple’s WWDC started yesterday and here are the highlights. It was all about additions to the software and creating a better platform, no hardware. There are some big improvements in iOS 10. We will look at watchOS, OS X being renamed to macOS and tvOS becoming a thing later.

The lock screen


The lock screen is getting a big overhaul. Details about each notifications are laid out using pressure sensitive 3D Touch capabilities found on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and you can now reply without unlocking the device. Control Centre was updated too allowing the user to get to the audio controls with a swipe to the side. Widgets in Notification Centre are now available with a swipe on the lock screen as well.

Apple Music

Apple Music has been completely redesigned. The app opens to your library instantly. You now have access to your playlists, the Connect tab, radio channels, and a curated list of new music. The app seems to have a more logistical design.

Maps and Calendar, buddys

Maps has some new features and integrations including calendar and schedule implementation. Map view is much simpler now, and integrates local services. You can also pan and zoom along your route. Like many of Apple’s other apps, developers can also plug in and integrate with Maps now. Meaning you can book reservations at a restaurant or order an Pizza directly from the Maps app.



Apple announced a surprisingly big update to Messages. Messages now includes rich links, when you share a URL with a friend more information is provided like with Facebook or Hangouts. Emoji have been increased in size and QuickType can predict emoji based on your usage and conversation.

Messages will instantly replace those words with fancy new emoji with a single tap. Also new are “bubble effects,” where the blue bubble in Messages will change size, zoom in or out, or use another animation to imply emphasis, mood or tone. There are a bunch more animated effects in the new Messages, including full-screen animations. The Messages app has also now been opened to developers, allowing for mini-apps for Messages, or integrate it into their own.

Photos sorts and creates Memories

Photos has had organisation and search-related updates. Now there is a map mode to see your photos; Facial, object, and scene recognition have also been added. Photos will automatically be sorted and becoming easier to search through when you’re looking for someone specific. All photos go into automatically generated groups called “Memories,” and now generate short videos of those memories, much like Google Photos and Facebook.

Everything Else Coming in iOS 10

Apple a ton of minor updates coming in iOS 10 as well.

Siri can do a lot more now to find your files, look up information, and execute commands, and developers can now plug into it. This means you can finally use Siri to control non-Apple apps, including messaging, booking rides, workouts, and more.

Apple News is redesigned with a new look. You can now subscribe to different magazines, and check out an editor’s list of featured stories. QuickType got a little bit of an overhaul that should make it much smarter. It now uses your location, contact info, scheduling, and more to help QuickType give you actually useful text predictions.

HomeKit now has an app called, Home that can control a variety of connected devices like lights, shades, thermostats, and whatever else. Voicemail is now available as a transcribed text. All VoIP apps can now integrate directly with the Phone function too, so a call from an app like WhatsApp looks the same as a call from a phone number, complete with pretty profile pic before you pick up the phone.

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