A Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV coming soon

There hasn’t been a big rush from manufacturers to get Android TV boxes out, anyone who picked up a Google TV has to treat everyone would with a sceptical glance. Two are out right now, the Nexus Player, Nvidia Shield TV in the UK. However announced at Google I/O 2016 from Xiaomi is the Mi Box” Android TV device.

The Mi Box will launch with Marshmallow, plus and feature high-end output like 4K video playback and native HDR. Buyers will get a miniature remote included and can add on a Xiaomi-branded game controller if they wish, much like FireTV and the Nexus Player, however there is Bluetooth compatability for third party controllers.


A quad-core Cortex A52 2.0GHz processor sits at the heart of the device supported by 2GB of RAM, however a mere 8GB of local storage means there will be much annoyance down the line. Oddly there is no mention of a MicroSD card slot, but there’s a standard USB 2.0 port for storage expansion, and Android 6.0’s adoptable storage should come in handy for users who want more.

Wi-Fi includes the 5GHz band for quick video streaming, HDMI is the latest 4K supporting 2.0a standard, and the box can handle 7.1 surround sound. The remote will include a microphone for voice searches. Xiaomi hasn’t shown off too much of the software, but it looks like fairly standard Android TV in the screenshots, which is a good thing.

As yet there is no mention of a price or date.

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