Syncwire PolyFit HR Fitness Tracker Review

What happens if you’re in the market for a fitness tracker and do not want to lay out some bigger money to purchase a Fitbit or Garmin or any of the top end fitness trackers.  You browse through the endless list of trackers on Amazon and find it difficult to work out what’s a good all-rounder that doesn’t break the bank.

Syncwire appears to have it sorted,  with the Syncwire Fitness Tracker HR. priced at £29 this is a pretty sexy looking wristband with a touch screen waterproofing IP68 that combines various bio-metrics including heart rate monitoring sleep monitoring alongside some basic features like message alerts and even a crude camera control.

First and foremost is the fitness tracking. The band relies upon an application called Veryfitpro.  This is a free download from the app store and is a nicely featured fitness suite the charts your day, activities, sleep and heart rates then presents them in a fairly easy to read format. There are plenty of options to turn off and on alerts, fiddle around with personal profiles, set targets and flick through your calendar of fitness activities over the last number of months.

The most important thing about the device it’s how it’s built. My feeling is that this will last a decent amount of time. It is robust enough to withstand knocks and rough treatment The band can be easily changed if it were to become damaged and waterproofing allows you to wear it in the shower or swimming.

There are a couple of little touches I love about the design, for example, the band that stops the strap flapping around has a little notch in it to fit into one of the strap holes so it does not move.  I’m sure this is on other devices,  however, it’s new to me and I think it’s a great idea. The unit features only one capacitive button to do everything,  whilst this makes you rely on the app a lot more it cuts down on interaction with the device and it just does what it’s supposed to do.

The advertising is accurate when it says 5 to 7 Days of usage.  I find that after 5 days it would be needing a charge and would likely manage around another day when the percentage is in the teens. It makes the annoyance of charging it so much more simple whenever you have enough time to plan to charge. This means you can top it up with a quick 20 minute charge before going for a run or perhaps while you are in the shower.

One thing that isn’t winning me over is the charge mechanism.  There is a full sized USB port hidden under one of the straps, In order to charge you have to have a full size USB port available to you.  Older laptops will have one, however, you may have to get yourself a power bank or a particular type of plug in order to charge this on the go. Charging takes between 1 and 2 hours which is actually quite a considerable amount of time.  Currently, the handiest way I have to charge this is to plug it into the USB socket in my car and charge whilst driving. You don’t want to take it off overnight to charge it as it tracks your sleep and besides, how many of us actually have a full sized USB on the bedside.

Initially, I had the wrist sense feature turned on which would light up the screen when it detects that you have lifted your wrist up to your face. This seems like a nice idea, however, there were a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the face would light up during the night if you moved in bed and it was quite noticeable in the pitch darkness as the screen is bright enough and of a high enough quality.  Secondly, this dropped the battery life by about 2 days.  

I’m not the sort of person who would wear a fitness tracker, however, I’ve been quite taken by the Syncwire Polyfit HR fitness tracker and using it has given me a decent idea of how much activity I really am doing during a normal working day. Even though it’s small and discreet there’s always something in the back of your mind telling you that it’s there and you have to try to get a higher score then the day before. I have noticed myself taking an extra walk just to top up my steps during the day as I don’t want my steps to be less than the day before.

The Syncwire Polyfit HR fitness tracker is cheap,  sturdy and does exactly what you would expect, and you cannot ask for better than that.

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