Man looking a watch means new Huawei Watch apparently

Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu recently posted this teaser, showing a man running and looking at a watch with a tagline of “Made for free spirits.” It possible the company may unveil a new smartwatch at MWC 2017. However, the company only recently unveiled its latest fitness tracker, the Huawei Fit, just before Christmas, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see its successor. However, due to the fitness nature of the teaser, we could see a new, lighter, version of the Huawei Watch. Much like the LG Watch Style with fitness tracking to fill some middle ground between the Fit and the Watch.

Android Wear 2.0 has rejuvenated the smartwatch market a little and has inspired a resurgence of watch interest in manufacturers. Whilst some say the enhancements of Android Wear 2.0 aren’t enough to get the majority of consumers to regain interest watch designs may be the key to reigniting the market.

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