DBpower RD810 LED Portable Projector Review

Years ago it was inconceivable that a projector could be purchased for less than £500. Then projectors suddenly became a pretty trendy optional extra. Add-ons for phones, built into tablets, projectors were happening. Or at least the manufacturing costs were dropping and there trashy big screen imagery could be gotten for so little.

DBPower have been plopping out several super budget-friendly projectors over the last few years and the RD810 is another, neatly priced, smallish offering that might be useful one day.

Looking around the unit, everything seems tidy. The front features the 1500 lumen lamp, with an easily losable cap, there is no way to attach this to the mini projector itself unless you opt for string and sticky tape. The lamp manages a display size of between 30-176 inches with a throw distance of 1.5 to 5 metres. The bigger you go the more pixels you have and the farther away, the image looks more washed out. A pretty standard rule when it comes to projectors. The native resolution is only 800×450 resolution, this does not help the pixelation then you a looker for a bigger image size.

The RD810 has some decent connections. A full-sized HDMI connection will likely be the most useful port. There is also a USB Port. Allowing for a direct connection from a hard drive or flash memory pen or power a streaming stick. A headphones socket will allow a speaker connection, the onboard speaker is functional if a little lackluster. An AV port and VGA post add a little legacy connection to the RD810 and will probably come in useful to someone, somewhere.

On the top are the Keystone and Focus Dials. These are somewhat unmarked, however, they are easy to use and something of a standard amongst projectors. Otherwise, the top is sparse, aside from the power button.

The bottom has a standard tripod fitting and a small foot on a screw to adjust the pitch of the projector. There are four rubber feet, on in each corner.

The whole thing weighs 988g, meaning this is an extremely lightweight and picking it up to carry around is a doddle. A case or bag would be recommended as there between the lens cap, remote control, power cable and an HDMI there is quite a bit to remember when taking this with you. A bag is not provided.

However, as I mentioned a remote is. Instead of littering the top with buttons, the remote has all the functionality. Handy, lightweight and uses two standard AAA batteries to power it. Some might argue the projector come be less useful if the batteries die, okay, buy a four back and keep two in the bag you purchased.

It is worth noting the low resolution does tend to show in quite a bit of pixelation, there is a sweet spot when you have the image at around 50″ and you are sitting about 10 feet from the wall or screen, in a pitch black room. A little daylight can lead to a washed out look. However, using this at night with the curtains drawn made for a pretty tidy viewing experience. During the day, not so much.

The speaker is a little limp for anything more than basic viewing. connecting the audio to a dedicated speaker will have an infinitely better result. The fans on the projector are a little noisy. and this is a shame. A better speaker will drown it out during louder media, however, quiet viewing will suffer from the fan being distracting.

In all honesty, this is a fine projector if it fits your needs. The low-resolution picture is a little off-putting for most and if you are wanting to watch movies then spend more money. If you want a portable projector for presentations on the go then this is perfect.

The DBPower is available from Amazon for £59.99.

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