The NWG Innovation Festival 2018 is taking place next week where some of the world’s leading businesses and most innovative minds will gather together again to tackle major social and environmental challenges at the Northumbrian Water Group’s Innovation Festival 2018. The NWG Innovation Festival will see major national and global companies working with innovation experts, other businesses, local universities, schools and members of the public to come up with and explore innovative ways to help change the world.

The Festival, hosted by Steph McGovern and Alexander Armstrong, will see teams from headline sponsors IBM, BT, Ordnance Survey, O2, Interserve, CGI, Explain Market Research, CBI, and Durham and Newcastle Universities line up alongside experts from the likes of Isle Utilities, Big Bang Partnership, Oracle, Mott McDonald Bentley, Rolta and a host of other partners, and work together to create ‘bright ideas for a better tomorrow’.

Some of the big questions under consideration that I think you may be interested in attending are:

  • Building blocks – How can innovation and tech improve Design, Construction Operation and Maintenance? Construction company Interserve will look at how innovation can improve major construction projects. Delving into how modern technology like 3D printing, VR and Augmented Reality can improve build times, quality and also help save money in the industry.
  • Smart Objectives – Smart devices are filling up our homes. How can we improve customers’ lives by making the most of Smart technology? Global IT and business process services firm CGI will lead this sprint looking at how we can maximise the customer benefits that smart technology can bring.
  • ‘Testing the water’ – How can the use of Digital Twins improve our future? Newcastle University will lead the discussions into Digital twins – a cutting-edge approach that allows companies like NASA to test out and try their builds before sending them into space. How can this tech help other companies, organisations and communities in the future?
  • Moving on – What will the future of transport look like? Self-driving cars. Hyperloops. Space travel. Just how will future generations get around? Northern Gas Networks will lead the sprint that explores what the future of transport looks like for business and commuters.

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