Solar Windows, Electricity Generating Clothes and Robot Chefs: The Future of Home Tech

For the right price, there are already a number of technologies available that can cut down on the number of mundane chores you need to do around the home. From cleaning the floor to switching off the lights and cutting the grass to clearing the drains, today’s tech geniuses have come up with a wide variety of products designed to make our lives easier and more automated.

So just how much further will we go? Quite a bit, according to the latest research from Service Octopus. The leading cleaning price comparison site, Service Octopus has created an infographic looking at some of the most exciting and innovative future tech for the home.

It’s all about energy

Many of the most intriguing tech products currently in development will be designed to generate their own energy. From the windows on your home to the clothes on your back, a variety of everyday household items could soon come complete with solar cells.

Nanotech for your wardrobe

The University of Central Florida is leading the way in the development of nanotech for electricity generating fashion. It’s hoped that within a few years you’ll be able to simply slip your phone into your pocket and have your battery recharged by your multi functional outfit, something that’s great news for anyone who can’t live without their digital devices.

Energy generating windows

Solar windows could have an even bigger impact on the way we live. Researchers are looking at ways of making these high tech windows completely transparent. This will allow them to be installed on homes and commercial buildings around the world, potentially providing a huge amount of our daily energy needs. As Richard Lunt from Michigan State University says, “It opens a lot of area to deploy solar energy in a non-intrusive way.

The kitchens of the future

A number of the most exciting products in developed are aimed at the kitchen. These range from fairly simple ideas like the Recipe Projector, which uses an ‘air screen’ as a hygienic way of displaying recipes, to the integrated robotic kitchen designed by Moley Robotics which will be able to whip up freshly made meals.

Reducing household waste

As well as being more automated, the kitchens of tomorrow are likely to be greener. The Smart Table, part of a 2025 kitchen concept from IDEO and IKEA will be “designed to inspire people to be more creative with food and throw away less”.

Likewise, it’s hoped the FridgeCam from Smarter will help homeowners throw away less by showing them exactly what’s in their fridge and keeping a close watch on sell-by dates. As Christian Lane, CEO of Smarter says “This is where the much talked about Internet of Things and Connected Products really start to have a positive effect on customers’ pockets and everyday lives.”

The future of home tech

Dr Ian Pearson from Futurizon commented on Service Octopus’ infographic stating, “with all the household robot assistance expected to arrive over the next decade or two, doing the household chores will evolve into a managerial task where you explain to the home AI what you want (to be done and it organises it for you.”

We can look forward to homes that are greener, cleaner and more efficient, something that’s good news for everyone.

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