Western Digital Increases Capacity Of The WD Purple To 10TB

Today Western Digital Corporation (WDC) announced that it had taken its surveillance drives, the WD Purple, and bumped the maximum capacity up to 10TB. Aside from the capacity boost, the WD Purple supports up to 64 high-definition cameras, always-on 24×7 video surveillance systems, and is now 4K ready.

The surveillance market as a whole is expanding and there has been an increase in high quality cameras all the way up to 4K. While the better quality cameras would produce better video that can be used more effectively it will also take up massive amounts of capacity. The new WD Purple will deliver 10TB of capacity in a 3.5” form factor while support 4K cameras, withstanding the demands of always-on DVR and NVR devices, and drawing a low power consumption. The WD Purple 10TB have been engineered for easy integration into existing surveillance systems.

Aside from the 25% bump in capacity, all new WD Purple HDDs will also have the following features:

  • AllFrame 4K Technology –AllFrame 4K technology enhances ATA streaming support to help reduce video frame loss with proprietary cache policy management technology to improve overall data flow and playback. WD Purple 10TB HDDs include exclusive firmware enhancements that help protect against video pixelation and interruptions within a surveillance system.
  • HelioSeal Technology – Enabling higher storage capacity and lower power consumption, the WD Purple 10TB HDD uses the third generation of HelioSeal technology, which has been shipping for over three years and on over 12 million drives as of December 2016.
  • Scalable Surveillance Systems – Designed for 24×7 operations with support for multi-bay systems with an annualized workload rating of 180 TB/year and tarnish-resistant components, WD Purple 10TB drives are ready for use in demanding high-performance, high-definition small- or large-scale surveillance systems

WD Purple 10TB are available now Stateside, no word on when they will arrive in the UK yet. The new drives come with a 3-year warranty and a MSRP of $399.99. Additional information about WD Purple hard drives and limited warranty terms may be found on the company website at https://www.wdc.com/products/internal-storage/wd-purple-surveillance-hard-drive.html.

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