The AGON saga: From the first battle cry to the next game plan

A leading brand in the gaming monitor market, AOC first launched its premium gaming monitor series AGON in 2016. Since then a good year and a half has passed, and the AGON monitors have been going from strength to strength. Not only have these screens proven to be bestsellers, they also have struck a chord with reviewers across Europe, repeatedly winning awards and “best gaming monitor” titles. And there is more to come: At the recent gamescom 17 in Cologne, AOC announced upcoming members to the AGON family – the AGON³ series with ultra-fast response times of just 0.5 ms as well as brand-new technologies such as HDR.


AGON, derived from ancient Greek, stands for competition, clashes and antagonism. A daring name to set battle ground for this monitor series particularly aimed at gamers. The AGON series has earned the love and admiration of casual and competitive gamers alike, thanks to its premium features, innovative technologies and attractive pricing. With display options ranging widely from 24″ to 35″, flat or curved displays and high refresh rates, the AGON monitors have conquered space on many gamers’ desks, regardless of their GPU choice.


AOC has a suitable AGON model for every gamer

AGON – Opening Moves
AOC first announced its premium gaming monitor series AGON in March 2016, debuting with the AG271QX. This future-proof 27″ model has a fast TN panel at 1440p resolution for extra details, a 144 Hz refresh rate, a 1 ms response time, and FreeSync support to ensure a smooth, fluid gameplay without any stutter or tearing. While the AG271QX quickly racked up awards, its similarly specced cousins with G-SYNC and in 24” size hit the shelves later in 2016.


Then in January 2017, the model that competitive FPS players had been waiting for arrived – the AOC AG251FZ. Using the fastest panel in the market, it has a 240 Hz refresh rate, eliminating motion blur to deliver the smoothest movement in fast-paced games, with minimal input lag. The AG251FZ has been the choice of many e-sports gamers, including Team Liquid, and set the bar for competitive gaming monitors and countless times taking the stage at e-sports events. With FreeSync support, 1 ms response time and a TN panel at Full HD resolution, the AG251FZ delivers the competitive edge desired when in combat. And after its raging success, in August 2017 AOC also launched a G-SYNC variant – the AG251FG.


Ahead of the curve
Since the winter of 2016, we have enjoyed virtual worlds brought ever closer to reality, with the curved ultra-wide AGON models – AG352UCG and AG352QCX. With their 35” and curvature radius of 2000 mm, they are sure to keep us entertained. Their VA panels boast a 21:9 aspect ratio, 2000:1 contrast and G-SYNC or FreeSync for no stuttering or tearing. Later, the curved models line-up was expanded with familiar 16:9 ratio models – AG322QCX (32” at 1440p resolution) and AG272FCX (27” at 1080p resolution). These stylish monitors with a 3-sided frameless design boast an even smaller curvature radius of 1800mm, ensuring true immersion and stutter-free gameplay thanks to FreeSync support.


All AGON models come with adjustable ergonomic stands, different game modes, stereo speakers, Shadow Control and Low Input Lag modes, Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light technologies to reduce eye-strain and fatigue.

The best performance for your game


With 11 models so far and many more upcoming innovations in the future, AOC has truly established itself as one of the top names in the gaming sector. To date, more than 480 reviews of AGON monitors were published across Europe.

Taking e-sports further
AGON displays have been in the line of duty at over 80 top tier e-sports events, including DreamHack, the Intel Extreme Masters, Dotapit, and Insomnia. They are used by professionals and fans alike across the full spectrum of e-sports disciplines – be it fast-paced MOBAs and FPS titles, racing simulations, or fighting games – enabling nothing less than the best performance by giving gamers the edge in competitive titles.


Future manoeuvres
During gamescom 2017, AOC announced its newest AGON³ monitors with ultra-high resolutions, 144 Hz or more refresh rates and HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, in addition to monitors with an ultra-fast response time of just 0.5 ms. HDR allows exceptional brightness and delivers colours with great contrast. The fastest monitors with 0.5 ms response time let gamers keep their momentum where fractions of a millisecond matter, allowing them not to miss any details which could hamper their success.


As one of the lightning fast models with just 0.5 ms response time, the AG273QCX will be equipped with a 27” curved TN panel at 144 Hz, boasting a QHD (1440p) resolution and AMD’s FreeSync2 with HDR. With a wide colour gamut support, it will have one of the best colour reproductions in TN panels. Its G-SYNC equipped brother, the AG273QCG has similar specs, lacking HDR but in turn boasting higher refresh rate at 165 Hz and G-SYNC support instead of FreeSync2 with HDR.


With these upcoming AGON³ models, launching in 2018, AOC once again lives up to its premise of bringing the latest innovative technologies to gamers, eliminating external factors that held gamers back and letting true talent shine.

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