Vodafone launch V-Auto – a car tracker with a difference

V-Auto by Vodafone is a brand new car tracker, connected to the Vodafone network with a V-Sim. It shows you where your car is parked or if it’s on the move – for £80 upfront, and then £4 a month.

So, if you’re prone to forgetting where you parked or you share your car with other family members, you can now relax – Vodafone’s V-Auto will put your mind at rest, pinpointing where your car is using Find My Car.

Not only can you track location, the V-Auto’s Auto SOS feature will notify trained agents if your car is involved in a collision.  The agents will then call you and arrange help if needed.

What’s more V-Auto collates information on all of your routes, as well as details on how you drove and how long the journey took – helping you to plan more efficient routes for the future. It even issues Driving Safety Scores, which rate how well you’ve driven and sends you improvement tips.

V-Auto is part of the new V by Vodafone range of connected devices. This brings together and connects all kinds of smart devices for every part of your life – allowing you to track or monitor your pet, car and even your home while you’re away, all through an app on your smartphone.

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