YouTube Go hits Beta

YouTube is a phenomenon that just keeps growing. THE place to online videos online, it is an archive of everything video, from 80’s adverts to pirated content to “I can’t believe someone made a video about that” videos. However, for years it has been an online-only experience, save for a small flirtation with making videos available for offline line consumption a couple of years back that disappeared quietly in the night. Since then Google has been pretty quiet on downloading videos, however, YouTube Go revives the idea enables, somewhat basic, downloading capabilities mixed with a minimal interface in a tiny 8.5MB app. It’s intended for users in developing areas with only occasional access to mobile networks and at the moment it’s only available in India. But if it’s available somewhere, someone will make is available near you… like here on APK Mirror.

Introducing YouTube Go A brand new app to download, enjoy and share videos…bina data udae.

  • Find a world of videos: songs, movies, TV shows, comedy, fashion, cooking, how-to’s and many, many more.
  • Download and watch your favorite videos
  • Instantly share videos – no data used to transfer
  • Search for any video and discover new videos
  • Only 8.5MB app size

Check out the official Play store listing here.

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