Whats new at Google I/O Day 2?

More goodness from Google. With most of the big stuff out of the way Day 2 was littered with smaller stories however here is what you need to know.

Daydream VR was announced on the Day 1 keynote, however Day 2 is when the details became clear about new virtual reality push in Android N. The Nexus 6P is the first device set up to develop Daydream compatible apps, and Google has also launched a system for using another phone as a controller in lieu of yet-to-be-released Daydream controllers.

Google has also confirmed that there are plans to release its own takes on a Daydream headset and controller design, however that’s not to dissuade third-party manufacturers from making their own, much like the approach to Android as a whole. Google gave a glimpse of the content potential with the new virtual reality launcher in Android N. YouTube and Google Play Movies were in full swing and Netflix has already done the leg work for Samsung VR and this should prove and easy port. For content creation, Google announced partnerships and integrations with movie makers, developers and game engine creators.


Google Play Story coming to Chromebooks

Google finally confirmed what we expected and were all waiting for. Google Play is coming to Chrome OS later this year. A long list of Chromebooks, Chromeboxes and Chromebases will be able to launch the Google Play Store and download millions of Android apps. Those apps will run as on the system without using emulation and will not require restarts or compatible environments. Read more here.



Google Play Awards

Google I/O love their developers, they bring Google new ideas and revenue, and also feel they need to give they just a little praise for their hard work and imagination. To show that Google notices exceptional apps Google has put together the Google Play Awards. Google took time after the show on Day 2 to highlight these apps, and while there are big names included that you’ve heard of, there are plenty that you haven’t seen that are worth highlighting and checking out. Here are this year’s winners:


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