Hater – An app for finding someone who hates the things you do

If you are into on-line dating and a little fatigued at not finding someone who shares your interests then why look for someone who shares your dislikes. A new app called Hater is looking to shake things up a little by doing just that. Whilst setting up a profile on this dating app you are asked what you HATE and search results are based on those choices.

Whilst a potentially interesting idea there does seem to be some value in this as some academic studies agree the approach might see more successful relationships when the couple discover a shared dislike for a third party.

CEO Brendan Alper told The Times: “Dating is supposed to be fun. Somewhere along the line, dating apps lost sight of that. Hater wants to bring it back.”

Check out https://www.haterdater.com/ for links to the iPhone only app, Facebook account it required.

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