BlackBerry Hub+ Services arrives for Android

It’s nice that BlackBerry is trying something different and trying to make it in the Android world. There is still a lot of love for the brand however it still remains to be seen if the consumer really is happy to go with such big changes, it was obvious that Blackberry had to make changes. Lately, they have launched a re-branded Alcatel Idol 4 with the Blackberry experience and now they are giving you that Blackberry experience without having to purchase another phone. The company is releasing Hub+ in the Play Store, giving you access to the popular features like unified inbox, BlackBerry Calendar, and a password manager.

According to BlackBerry, Hub+ is currently only compatible with certain devices running Marshmallow. Hub+ comes with a 30 day trial after which a monthly subscription of $0.99 will have to be paid unless you like the ads. You can download the three apps from the Hub+ menu. A single inbox for all your mail, social media, and messaging called Blackberry Hub, just to add a little confusion. The calendar and password manager apps are oddly titled after what they are.


Early word is mixed according to the forever unreliable Google Play comments. However, it seems to be a decent idea that might win over a few customer to help Blackberry stay afloat.

BlackBerry says the subscription includes more BlackBerry stuff including the launcher, tasks, device search, and contacts. These apps are not yet available in the Hub+ App selection, there is no word on when they will arrive, as yet.

Pick it up and give it a go from the Play Store.

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