Samsung Galaxy Note 7 making a comeback?

Great news for those Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lovers out there, you might be getting a chance to own the device once again through refurbished units and maybe as soon as theĀ end of June.

Last year Samsung made headlines when their latest offering, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, developed hardware problems resulting in some combustion issues. Samsung was not the quickest to isolate the issue or identify the problem, even going as far as reissuing the phone with a fix only to have the same problem happen again. However, now that the dust has settled and Samsung hasĀ taken the time to find the source of the fault and eliminate it we can get back to looking and being excited for what a great phone it could have been.

In South Korea, anyway, where the device is rumoured to be around $250 cheaper than the original pricing, making it just over $600. This is a reasonable price tag considering enough time has passed for regular depreciation in value. Now word yet about the battery or other technical specifications.

It will be an interesting roll out to see what manufacturers pick up the tainted brand and with a Note 8 rumoured to be arriving later in the year if customers but then again money talks and if the price is right customers will likely have no problem paying for a good deal despite the tragic history of the device. Maybe publications will joke about the issues with the device recently, however, one must remember that there was actually a threat to human life with the Note 7 initially and Samsung have learned an important lesson.

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