UPDATED – Netflix introduces Download and Go

Amazon Prime might have gotten there first however it is safe to say the idea of Netflix launching offline playback does have many folks excited. This has been rumoured to be for quite awhile now and it wasn’t that long ago that Netflix admitted they were not looking into. However, today the company finally made it a reality.

Netflix has announced that offline playback is available for its customers on both Android and iOS platforms for any streaming plan. There is a new download button that will appear beside the play button on the episode list. You will also be greeted by a splash screen announcing the feature when you next update the app. Content that’s available to download will be displayed to help cut back on consuming data on the commute or in stockpiling movies and episodes when board for a long journey.

Unfortunately, not all Netflix content is available for offline viewing, however, there is a decent selection and this will be expanding going forward. All of Netflix’s first-party shows and movies are available for offline viewing right now.

** Unlike Amazon Prime, Netflix currently only allows users to download to their internal storage, those ideas for filling a large expandable storage device will have to wait…


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