Project Tango delayed until Autumn

Project Tango is Google’s new tech that allows an Android phone with a camera to map out three-dimensional spaces, for instance creating maps of the interiors of building without any drawing or measuring. First announced over two years ago and a developer kit tablet arriving last summer the first Tango-capable smartphone was supposed to arrive from Lenovo this month. However, the launch date has been adjusted from Summer to Autumn

Lenovo hasn’t removed any of the Phab 2’s presence online, merely adjusting the dates and the price tag is still $499. There is, however, a small concern as developers who want to try Tango for themselves are currently out of luck, as Google is no longer selling the tablet via the online store. At this point we are thinking there must be a small delay with the Phab 2’s manufacturing and stock levels of the tablet were only to last until the Phab 2’s launch

Aside from the Tango functionality, the Phab 2 Pro is a pretty fantastic looking device, featuring a giant 6.4″ QHD screen, a 16MP rear camera and 8MP front-facing shooter, 64 gigs of storage, 4GB of RAM and a huge 4050mAh battery. The only downer is a mid-range Snapdragon 652 processor, but Lenovo says it”s “optimized for Tango.”


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