Guess what Chromebooks are getting this morning?

With Version 53 of Chrome OS landed on Asus Chromebook Flip and Pixel we were as promised the Google Play Store. This morning it appears Google has delivered on their promise as user of the Asus Chromebook Flip are noting the Play Store is there and ready for action, soon after Pixel users noticed a similar update. As long as you don’t mind experimenting on the Dev channel…

Dev channel of Chrome OS is where Google adds all the experimental features before moving them to Beta and Stable channels. Dev channel is updated more often than the regular Stable channel. However, things might not work as expected all the time on the Dev channel and this is not recommended on your primary Chromebook.

Users are able to launch the Google Play Store, sign in and install their Android apps. Not all the apps works are working, yet things are usable and it’s a solid start. Moving focus from an Android app to Chrome session will stop action in the app. Spell check does not work. You cannot use ALT + TAB to switch between Android apps.

Some redditors report that apps like Solid Explorer and Wifi Analyzer work. However, Snapchat is broken,  Instagram says “not compatible”.

It was to be expected and users of Arcwelder, a older, unofficial method of getting Android Apps to run on a Chromebook, will know that there would be compatibility issues. However, it’s here and it can only get better. The Chromebook has now become a must have platform.

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