Xtorm XB202 Power Bank Discover Unboxing

Xtorm has sent over their high-quality power bank for us to have a play with. This 17,000 mAh features three ports for charging. Three outputs and one doubling up as an in, the USB type C port.

Universal Power Bank with 17,000mAh internal battery
Removable Micro USB cable
Suitable for charging both USB-C and micro USB devices
Quick charge function: for fast charges; for up to 2 devices at the same time
Detachable micro USB Cable
A Smartphone up to 8 1/2 want to where you need it
A tablet 2 1/4 want to where you need it; a laptop 2 1/2 want to where you need it.

You can pick one up from Amazon for around £68.

1 thought on “Xtorm XB202 Power Bank Discover Unboxing

  1. I recently acquired a big-storage powerbank and it’s absolutely transformed my life! After the release of Pokemon Go, the sales of powerbanks rocketed and they’re still higher than they were before. Not to mention with the disappointment of the new iPhones still having very poor battery life in comparison to their competitors, people are turning to powerbanks in order not to compromise on getting the best phone on the market. This is, of course, hugely beneficial to the phone accessories market.

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