VR Getting Started Guide

Virtual reality is a real buzzword in recent years; it’s something however that many still think that is out of their reach but in actual fact if one has a smartphone, it’s likely they have access to VR right in the palm of their hands. VR isn’t a new phenomenon; it’s actually been a concept that has been around for a great number of years (the 1960s in fact!) and it’s used in all number of industries such as aviation training, medical work, the adult industry, architecture, engineering to name but a few. With the ubiquity of the Internet, smartphones and tablets, the likelihood is that this will only expand as more people become exposed to the possibilities of VR.

The people over at Carvaka have put together this useful infographic which is a starter guide for all things VR. It details the smartphones that are VR enabled so that you can check for your phone; it explains the steps involved in getting started; it also covers some hardware in terms of headsets which will make the VR experience ever the more heightened and it also indicates some easy-to-use VR apps which will help to get you going in the VR world! Check it all out below!

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