Alcatel MOVE Debuts at IFA

TCL Communication is proud to announce the debut at IFA of Alcatel MOVE, a series of intuitive wearable and lifestyle devices for people of all ages that demonstrates the company’s commitment to follow and even anticipate lifestyle trends.

The new series comprises MOVEBAND, the MOVETIME WiFi Watch, MOVETRACK and MOVE Track&Talk. All have different features, colours and styles, but all share the same purpose: they are designed for active people interested in making their life easier.

With the European wearable devices market alone forecasting to grow at least 70% in 2016, and exponentially around the world, it is the perfect time to launch these new and exciting products.

Ready, Steady, Move!

MOVEBAND is the company’s first active bracelet that keeps up with all daily activities. Using a dedicated application, users can track their physical activity (distance traveled, pace, time, calories, etc.) as well as their sleeping patterns.

Out and about? Phone too far from reach? MOVEBAND keeps users connected by tracking text messages, emails, and calls right from the wrist.

MOVEBAND combines a sleek design and trendy colours with a charge-time of less than two hours, meaning there’s very little downtime before it is ready to rumble again.  MOVEBAND will be sold in a bundle package with Alcatel smartphones.


The Clever Companion

For on-the-go busy bodies, the MOVETIME WiFi Watch is the handy companion for everyday tasks. MOVETIME WiFi Watch enables its lucky owners to make and receive calls directly from their wrists so they never miss what matters. Whether in a meeting or at a luncheon, the watch is notification ready — capable of opening emails, SMS and reminders.

Like its counterparts, the MOVETIME WiFi Watch monitors all exercise data — steps, calories, distance, time, water and caffeine intake, and heart rate. Using a dedicated application, users can track their physical fitness.

Let’s become handsfree! The MOVETIME WiFi Watch features an innovative gesture control system that allows users to take control of their smartwatch using simple movements: simply tap on the screen to play and pause music, or rotate the wrist to play back and forward a song or activate the camera for quick snaps.

The MOVETIME WiFi Watch is available in silver, dark grey and gold.

Keep Track of What Matters Most

To avoid sticky situations, such as lost luggage, Alcatel created MOVETRACK, a portable GPS tracker. Weighing only 33 grams, this device can hook onto luggage or slip onto a keychain. Its unique design also allows it to be attached to your pet’s collar — and keep track of one of the family’s most precious assets.

MOVETRACK features real-time tracking for up to a 4 days’ standby time.

Using a separate application called Virtual Fence, users can receive notifications when an item enters or leaves a pre-programmed safe zone. Users can also check the location-tracking history for extra reassurance.

Alcatel MOVETRACK helps users keep track of what matters most, all remotely. Say au revoir to lost baggage, misplaced items and lost pets.

Connecting families and keeping up with the kids

After the launch of its GO WATCH last year, the company goes one step further in connecting children with their parents right from their smartphones, with MOVE Track&Talk. Parents can ensure their children’s safety from the palms of their hands — making calls, sending voice messages, tracking their location, all from a dedicated user-friendly application.

Ultra-intuitive, MOVE Track&Talk can store five speed-dial numbers for quick calling and 10 pre-set contacts in case of emergency. Not sure where the little one has run off to? MOVE Track&Talk is equipped with a unique combination of GPS, GSM and WiFi to allow parents to locate their child within 90 seconds using the most accurate location information, either in or outdoors.

With its lightweight design, MOVE Track&Talk is comfortable to wear and has a battery life of up to four days.

Wearable connectivity is the future of technology and human behavior. It will shape our habits for generations to come,” says Vittorio Di Mauro, Vice President & General Manager of Smart Connectivity. “This is why we’ve launched different devices for different ages so together we stay connected. There is a huge opportunity in connected devices for children as a way to reassure parents, me included!”

The MOVE series will be available starting end of September.

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