Xtorm launches USB-C Hubs perfect for any situation

Xtorm is launching a new line of products, specifically designed to make optimal use of your USB-C laptop. The ‘Connect Series’ consists of five USB-C hubs, each with a unique combination of connections. Whatever the situation, there’s a hub for you!

Designed to connect A USB-C hub from the ‘ Connect Series ’ provides the perfect solution to expand your laptop with, for example, HDMI, Ethernet, USB 3.0, USB-C or a (micro) SD card reader. The unique design also ensures that you can still charge your laptop through USB-C while using the Hub.

Elegant and compact The compact design, combined with the use of aluminium, ensures that the Hub is easily portable and that it goes perfectly with the elegant look of your MacBook. An indispensable accessory for your laptop!

Price and availability The prices of the five Hubs in the ‘ Connect Series ’ vary from €35 to €75. For more information on each of the hubs, you can visit our website. The USB-C Hubs are available from several (online) stores and at xtorm.eu.

About Xtorm Xtorm was founded in 2008 and is part of the Dutch company Telco Accessories B.V., which has its head office in Houten (NL). Xtorm designs, manufactures and markets innovative universal mobile charging solutions. Xtorm Business products complement the range. Xtorm products are contemporary, user friendly and high quality. Xtorm products are currently available in 57 countries worldwide. For more information visit www.xtorm.eu.

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