Gecko Covers launches the Universal Zipper Sleeve

Gecko Covers, manufacturer of protective covers for mobile devices, has introduced the Universal Zipper Sleeve, which will protect your laptop against scratches and bumps by using unique materials.

The Universal Zipper Sleeve is available in all sizes, making sure the compact design perfectly fits your laptop and can easily be brought along in a bag or suitcase.

Top quality materials The unique combination of tough canvas on the outside, soft and flexible neoprene on the inside and reinforced lining on all sides means your laptop is perfectly protected against scratches and bumps.

Reliable fastener As the Universal Zipper Sleeve features a smooth zip fastener, with an extra protective layer on the inside, it can easily remain in use whilst your laptop is safe from scratches and damage. The double zip fastener also ensures the laptop can be charged whilst it’s safely stored in the sleeve.

Price and availability The Gecko Covers Universal Zipper Sleeve is available from as little as €17-95, including VAT. The competitive price, combined with the high quality materials, has made the Zipper Sleeve truly unique. A must for every laptop owner! The Universal Zipper Sleeve is available from various (online) shops and on Gecko Covers offers a two year guarantee on all products.

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