Stikbox – the world’s first Bluetooth selfie stick phone case

Stikbox has come up with the solution to a very modern day problem. No longer will you have to carry your flimsy selfie stick around with you to take that memorable photo, the perfect selfie or film at a concert. Stikbox is a multi-purpose smart phone case with a built-in secret selfie stick that can be pulled out as required and then conveniently placed back. No need to carry both devices now; giving you extra space and less weight in your bag or pocket.

According to a 2016 study*, in their lifetime the average millennial will spend an hour a week and take up to 25,700 selfies; each taking an average of 7 minutes including editing. The selfie is certainly here to stay and as Stikbox also has its own dedicated app, photos taken can be instantly edited and posted ensuring you and your friends have the perfect selfie you are proud to share.

The smartphone case is lightweight and compact while still being able to pull out a 20.8-inch selfie stick. The case is just 0.3-inches deep, and the back of the case holds the collapsed aluminium sections of a 20.8-inch-long selfie stick. Stikbox works by sliding the small multiple aluminium pieces that sit side-by-side in the back of the case into one long continuous stick. Just pull it out, swivel your phone, adjust the angle, and shoot.

The idea for Stikbox was conceived when founder and CEO, Yekutiel Sherman saw the hassle associated with the conventional selfie stick and hence the concept of Stikbox was born. Sherman comments, “One day I was walking through the market and I saw a stand that was selling selfie sticks and phone cases, I asked ‘why carry two things, when you can carry one?’ With Stikbox, users get the functionality of both a protective phone case and a selfie stick all in one, which stays with them no matter where they go. Now there is no need to carry a big bulky stick separately.”

Living up to its multi purpose functionality, Stikbox also has a kickstand feature that allows your phone to be propped up and whether you’re using Stikbox as a phone case, kickstand, or a selfie stick, you can be confident all the control buttons and functions will still remain accessible.

Stikbox is available in Rose Gold, Pink and Black from for £30 or $39.99

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