MyPlug theft proof smart phone charging cable

The first cable to designed to prevent unauthorised use has gone live on Kickstarter. The MyPlug is the FIRST EVER theft proof smartphone charging cable which allows users to enable a passcode sequence that restricts others from using their cable. An inline, Built-In Combination Lock secures the cable so that it does not perform for those who do not know the passcode. A simple button combination on the cable itself is required to unlock the security measure.

The idea of MyPlug was first conceived by a team that was constantly prone to cable theft! Whether it was when we were working together or at home, our charging cables were either disappearing or falling apart.

After a heated argument broke out over a missing smartphone charger, 48 hours later we had built the worlds first theft proof cable. We then surveyed 500 people which reiterated the need for MyPlug. Results concluded that the average spend on replacing charging cables was $30+ over a 2-4 month period.

So we set out to build the strongest THEFT-PROOF cable ever made!

Check out the Kickstarter if it seems like something you would need to deter colleages, friends and family from “borrowing” your phone’s cable.

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